Beginner Golf Player Program application example


Program ”Beginner Golf Player Season” APPLICATION TEXT (we kindly as You to copy from here)


Herein I, the undersigned, I want to join with Beginner Golf Player Season program.

I promise to respect international Golf Rules, Otepää Golf Club Statute and use Otepää Golf Centre course, property and inventory prudently. Trusting my data with You, I wish to get OGC and Otepää Golf Centre services, news and other related information all year round. If I don't want this information any more, I am responsible to let You know of this by written form, so You could stop sending the information.

I'm aware that joining with the program, I will get information by e-mail and telephone about playing golf, rules, opportunities, products and goods, both the year of accession and the subsequent season.

My data:

Name                                      __________________________

Gender                                    __________________________

Date of birth                             __________________________

Personal identification code     __________________________

Postal address and index        __________________________

Phone number                         __________________________

E-mail address                         __________________________

Hcp                                           __________________________


Program „Beginner Golf Player Season“ includes 2019. season following:

  1. 6 group trainings with Pro Valdek Apivala
  2. Tule Rajale beginners competition series  (8 competitions) participation fee (except for Final competition fee)
  3. Club candidate member status and HCP accounting
  4. Unlimited playing right at Otepää Golf Course whole season
  5. Golf Player accessories gift bag!

Program's price and it's terms of payment:

Program's price is 378 euros, which could be payed with one payment or with 6 payments 63 euros for one payment. Payments have to be payed by the 5th of each month following bank account and within 6 months since joining the program. If payment is not payed Osamakse has SA Lõuna-Eesti Golf and MTÜ Otepää Golfiklubi right to stop services, but it does not release Golf Player, joined the program, paying the total cost of the program.

Player who owns already Playing Right with 4-year program, can also participate in the proram, but don't have to complete Green Card course again.

Players who have already compleed Green Card course, has Playing Right and club membership, can also participate in Beginners Program trainings and in Tule Rajale competition series. Information about fee (doesn't include Playing Right fee and Green Card course):

2017th course student  99 EUR
2016th course student 99 EUR
2015th course student 99 EUR

The payment must be made to SA Lõuna-Eesti Golf account

SEB EE491010220266798227
SWEDBANK EE732200221069145866
LUMINOR EE171700017004457985

If you have any questions, please contact with CEO Kristi Laur by e-mail INFO@OTEPAAGOLF.COM.

Following persons reccomend me to become member of MTÜ Otepää Golfiklubi (filled by service provider):

Kristi Laur, CEO of Otepää Golf Centre                ______________________ 

                                                                               (name, signature)

Krista Zeik, secretary of Otepää Golf Club            ______________________

                                                                               (name, signature)      

Applicant first and last name_______________________________________

(Date) _______________________ (Signature)_____________________________


In payment order we ask you to note member name (names), for whom payment is done. 

Attach a copy of the ID-card to the application!