Cashback World card

Join Otepää Golf Center Loyal Customer Program!

In Otepää Golf Center Cashback World loyalty member card is used. 

You can get money back to your account with every purchase.  Apart from that, you will collect Shopping Points and benefit from exclusive discount opportunities. 


The card is unique, as it enables you to get discounts in more than 47 countries and in 330 000 different sales enterprises. Cashback World bonus system unifies enterprises from various fields: everyday purchaes till luxury goods.  

Some example where you can use our loyalty card: in travel, flights, transport (BravoflyExpediaQatar, Condor, Eckeröline), accommodation (,,, online stores (ebayaliexpressamazon).



Advantages of Golf Cashback loyalty card: 

- Otepää Golf Center services

- Gives discounts in partnership network of Otepää Golf Center by showing the card

- Gives discounts in more than 550 Estonian enterprises

- Valid as a unique loyalty card in 47 country with more than 330 000 sales places



How much you will save?

3% Cashback money back

2% Shopping Points


You can read more in Cashback World website HERE. 


You can apply for your loyalty card in our Otepää Golf Center. The card is registred free in Caddiemaster. You can also order the card by e-mail:


We offer you several special discounts with our loyalty card till end of this season 2017.


Offers can be found in Cashback World website in Otepää Golf Center account (if you are registered member and card holder) 


- Green Card course with unlimited playing rights – 215 EUR (standard price 270 EUR) + 7,5 SP

      - Green Card course with 1-month playing rights – 120 EUR (standard price 150 EUR) + 3 SP

       - Green Fee in 18 tracks during the weekend – 44 EUR (standard price 59 EUR) + 3 SP

       - Green Fee weekly playing rights – 144 EUR (standard price 169 EUR) + 3 SP

- Golf demo for 6 in working days – 144 EUR (standard price 163 EUR) + 2,5 SP

       - Seminar room rent for 3 hours – 80 EUR (standard price 90 EUR) + 2 SP