Local rules

Out of bounds (rule 27)

Marked by white stakes

Water hazards (rule 26)

Water hazards marked by yellow stakes

Lateral water hazards marked by red stakes

Hole 16 and 17: DZ as additional options

Movable obstructions (rule 24-1)

Stones in bunkers

Immovable obstructions (rule 24-2)

Artificially surfaced roads, distance markers, sprinklers, tee markers

Drainage channels with artificial materials and which run parallel to road are deemed to be part of the road (hole 7, 11, 12)

Hole 7. Nearest DZ available to take free drop from road with drainage channels

Hole 9. Stone wall is integral part of the course


Abnormal ground conditions (rule 25)

Marked with blue stakes

Embedded ball extended “through the green” (excl. hazards)

Distance measuring devices 

Allowed to use according to rule 14-3


Penalty for breach of local rule:

Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – 2 strokes