Do you have already Otepää Colf Center loyalty member card?

We have a good news for you, dear reader! If you own Cashback World card issued by our center or by any other cashback partnering company, you can find special offers during the whole season through the Cashback World Bonus system. 


Make a gift to you, your family, friends, collegues or business partners,with whom to enjoy the beauty of Otepää Nature park, support your health with time spent actively in beautiful landscapes Otepää.


Offers can be found in Cashback World website in Otepää Golf Center account (if you are registered member and card holder).


This season we offer you several special discounts with our loyalty card

1. Green Card course with unlimited playing rights – 215 EUR (standard price 270 EUR) + 7,5 SP

2. Green Card course with 1-month playing rights – 120 EUR (standard price 150 EUR) + 3 SP

3. Green Fee in 18 tracks during the weekend – 44 EUR (standard price 59 EUR) + 3 SP

4. Green Fee weekly playing rights – 144 EUR (standard price 169 EUR) + 3 SP

5. Golf demo for 6 in working days – 144 EUR (standard price 163 EUR) + 2,5 SP

6. Seminar room rent for 3 hours – 80 EUR (standard price 90 EUR) + 2 SP