Dear Customers

This season has been extremely active and full of events.

We are very greatful for your visit and now we took a month for ourselves. To serve you well, we need to take some rest now. With the new and positive energy we will open again pretty soon. For wintertime, we will be open for events and groups. We hope that Otepää region is active also autumn-winter-eraly spring, so that we could be open also for visitors from the street. 

So, you are very welcome to book your event or group for coming low-season and winter (November 2021 - March 2022). And afterwards we appreciate your bookings for golf competitions and events. If you are planning golf event for next season, please be early with your bookings. Golf has become quite popular these days.

We hope to hear from you by E-mail while we are having the holiday and we will reply as soon as possible.

Our contact is, have a beautiful autumn!

Restaurant Kurepesa | Ails Nest team