The principles and values of the Otepää Golf Club are similar and in accordance with the worldwide generally accepted rules and practices.

Our club currently has close to 300 members, just enough to organise fun events as well as competitions. Our members are highly positive, active and tolerant with other members. We share a feeling of unitedness, desire to practice and improve our golfing skills, as well as simply spend time together in open air while playing our favourite sport.

Membership of Otepää Golf Club provides several privileges:

  • Otepää Golf Club is a member of the Estonian Golf Association, a personal HCP card guarantees playing rights at thousands of golf courses around the world;
  • Members are continuously informed about upcoming events via e-mail as well as website;
  • Members share a social network - you can gain new friends, initiate new professional relations as well as improve information sharing.

Otepää Golf Club has the following traditional competitions that are always well organised, fun and unite the members:

  1. Season Opening Competition
  2. President Cup
  3. Club Cup in Match Play 
  4. Club Championship
  5. Captain's Club

The club Secretary Ursula Muts will be happy to help you with any questions regarding the Otepää Golf Club (e-mail:, phone: +372 59 12 80 80)